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  1. 旧1週間コース 1 week Ayurvedic cosmetology 1週間 アーユルヴェーダ美容コース 29925円
  2. 旧2週間コース 2 week Ayurvedic cosmetology 2週間 アーユルヴェーダ美容コース 39900円
  3. 旧1ヶ月目コース Basic Ayurveda and panchakarma therapy course ベーシック アーユルヴェーダ・パンチャカルマセラピーコース 65012円
  4. 旧2ヶ月目コース Ayurvedic Herbology and pharmacology アーユルヴェーダ薬草学・薬学 65012円
  5. 旧3ヶ月目コース Disease diagnosis, treatment and advance study 病気の診断・トリートメント 65012円
  6. 通信+現地研修 Ayurveda 6 month Correspondence course アーユルヴェーダ6ヶ月通信講座 68900円




  • Kalari payattu 1st month course 1ヶ月目コース 一人の場合 61,074円 二人の場合 97,718円
  • Kalari payattu 2nd month course 2ヶ月目コース 一人の場合 61,074円 二人の場合 97,718円
  • Kalari payattu 3rd month course 3ヶ月目コース 一人の場合 61,074円 二人の場合 97,718円
  • Kalari payattu teacher training ティーチャートレーニングコース 一人 200,866円



Kalari payattu 1st month course 1ヶ月目コース


Maippayattu or the body exercises from the foundation of all the other exercises in kalari payattu. These calisthenics endow one with and agile and supple body, a graceful gait, stamina, strength, ready and quick reflexes of the limbs, balance of the body and stability of foot work.

Through the exaggerated engagement of the joints and muscle group one learns the different stances, pivots, leaps, trots, kicks, blocks and cuts in kalari payattu.

1. Kolthari ( exercises with wooden weapons)

This contains a series of exercises with wooden weapons of different lengths and shapes. Various techniques employed in defending and attacking with them are practiced.

a) pandeeran veeshal

This contains a series of exercises and a solo swinging excersis using with five feet long canes

b) Kettukari

Generally five feet long canes are used in practicing these excesses done in pairs. Practitioners are taught to defend attacks aimed at head, chin, temples, torso, ribs, and legs.


(Bare- handed defense and attack)

The techniques in Verum kail prepare one to defend an opponents armed or unarmed onslaught and to attack him with bare hands and legs.

Various kinds of blocks, cuts, thrusts, kicks, trots, leaps, throws and swinging movements are used to defend attacks.

Kalari payattu 2nd month course 2ヶ月目コース

1. First month course
2. Kolthari
c) Otta

:Defense and attack using the two feet long, double curved, horn like otta baton are the most advanced in kolthari section. A high degree of physical agility, excellent reflexes, strength and stamina are needed to perform otta exercises with perfection.


(Exercises with sharp weapon)

The series of exercises using sharp weapons like sword and shield, spear, dagger and urumi are included in angathari section.

a) VAL VALI: (sword swinging):

Done singly, the series of exercises in Val vali are ways of brandishing the sword very close to one’s body with grace or with force as if attacking opponents around.

b) Valppayattu ( sword and shield):

The sword which was considered a very lethal weapon by the combatants of your all over the world was also glorified to symbolize velour, power and justice

There are many techniques employed in duels taught in kalari payattu.

Kalari payattu 3rd month course 3ヶ月目コース


(Exercise with sword and shield and spear)

Unlike the other exercises in kalari payattu done in pairs holding identical weapons, the exercises here are performed using different weapons. One uses sword and shield while the other wields a spear. This is considered an advanced technique of payattu.

B) Urumi vali:

Urumi is a sword with a flexible whip like blade using in kalari payattu. The series of exercises in urumi vali are ways

of brandishing the sword very close to one’s body with grace or with force as if attacking opponents around.

C) Urumi payattu:

Urumi payattu is considered as advanced technique of payattu. Defense and attacking using with a flexible whip like blade are the most advanced in Angathari section. A high degree of physical agility, excellent reflexes, attention and stamina are needed to perform urumi payyattu.

カラリパヤットゥの道場「Sree Bharath Kalari

※AROUND INDIA 田村ゆみがマッサージを学んだ道場・師匠とは違う場所です。

Chirakkal T Sreedharan nair (1909-1984) founder of Sree. Bharath Kalari was the third son of H.H Rama Varma Valiya Rsjs of chirakkal kovilakam and thayyil kalyanikutty kettilamma.

While in his teens Sreedharan nair took a keen interest in several fitness activities including weight training, body building and wrestling.

He started learning kalarippayattu, Kerala’s martial arts when he was 21 and he was privileged to have several masters of payattu to teach him.

Sreedharan nair was a non-conformist. He believed that there was nothing mystical or esoteric in Kalaripayattu it was an excellent martial art and it ought to be made available to anyone interested to learning it. Which this in view, [Type text]

Sreedharan nair founded Rajkumar Kalari in 1935 at Chirakkal and Sree bharath Kalari in Valapattanam in 1948.

He wrote and publish the first ever book of kalarippayattu in 1937. He wrote an elaborated version in 1963 and this booking is going to run with its fourth edition. Other books by him are marmadarpanam(1956) lassim(1960) games for children(1960), massage (1983) and kalarippayattu(English)(2007). Way of the Malabar warrior is a 40 minute documentary on Sreedharan nair short in 1981.

Our founder guru was a unique amalgam of practitioner, master research scholar and author. As an undisputed authority on easy aspect of this martial disciple he became a legend in his life time.

カラリパヤットゥの師匠 SRD Prasad Gurukkal

カラリパヤットゥ SRD Prasad Gurukkal

SRD Prasad Gurukkal is the son of the founder Sreedharan nair. The Sree bharath Kalari institute is maintained with the team of P.narayan gurukkal, M.vijayan gurukkal, P.sreedharan gurukkal, M. lakshmanan gurukkal.

Now the center is maintaining by SRD Prasad Gurukkal.

SRD Prasad gurukkal wrote some books explaining about Kalari in Malayalam language some of them are Kalaripayatt vijnana kosham, kalariyile kadha, meyppayattu, otta etc. and he received sangeeth natak academy award from the President of India on 2015 for best teacher in kalarippayattu.


アラウンドインディア 田村ゆみ。日本とインドを行き来しながら、暮らしに取り入れるアーユルヴェーダや元気の知恵を探っています。 インド政府認定アーユルヴェーダ・パンチャカルマセラピスト。ケララ伝統武術カラリパヤットゥ・セラピスト。元インド号編集長。ケララ州のアーユルヴェーダ病院PVA Ayurveda Hospital・MGS Kalari Sangam提携。著書『暮らしのアーユルヴェーダ』